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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 89: Board of registration of allied mental health and human services professions; qualifications of members

Section 89. The governor shall appoint members of the board only from among the candidates who meet the following qualifications:

(A) 10 members shall be licensed practicing mental health and human services professionals, two of whom shall be marriage and family therapists, two of whom shall be rehabilitation counselors, two of whom shall be clinical mental health counselors, two of whom shall be educational psychologists, 2 of whom shall be behavior analysts who meet the qualifications in the last 2 paragraphs of section 165 of chapter 112; and each shall have been, for at least five years immediately preceding appointment, actively engaged as a practitioner rendering professional services in that field, or in the education and training of graduate students or interns in the field, or in appropriate human developmental research, or in other areas substantially equivalent thereto, and shall have spent the majority of the professional time in such activity during the two years preceding the appointment in the commonwealth. One of the 10 shall also be a member of a union licensable under sections one hundred and sixty-three to one hundred and seventy-two, inclusive, of chapter one hundred and twelve; and

(B) Three members shall be representatives of the general public who have no direct affiliation with the practice of any allied mental health or human services profession.

The initial appointees, with the exception of representatives of the general public, shall be deemed to be and shall become licensed immediately upon their appointment and qualification as members of the board.

The governor shall immediately appoint the first board member to be appointed under this section. The governor shall nominate a new member to fill a vacancy on the board within thirty days of the occurrence of such vacancy.

The appointment of any member of the board shall automatically terminate within thirty days after the date such member is no longer a resident of the commonwealth.

Each appointee shall, upon accepting appointment to the board, take and subscribe to the oath or affirmation prescribed by law and file the same in the office of secretary of state.