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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 90: Board of registration of allied mental health and human services professions; meetings; duties

Section 90. The board shall hold at least two regular meetings each year, but additional meetings may be held upon the call of the chairperson, or the secretary, or upon the written request of any two board members. A majority of the appointed members of the board shall constitute a quorum; provided, however, that at least one of those members shall be a member who was selected from and who represents the general public. The principal office of the board shall be in the city of Boston but the board may act and exercise all of its powers in such other jurisdictions as it deems necessary.

The board shall administer and enforce the provisions of section one hundred and sixty-three to one hundred and seventy-two, inclusive, of chapter one hundred and twelve. Said board shall promulgate regulations which set forth education requirements necessary for a person to be licensed under the provisions of section one hundred and sixty-five of said chapter one hundred and twelve; and the board may, from time to time, adopt such rules and regulations as it deems necessary to carry out the performance of its duties.

The director of consumer affairs and business regulations shall have authority to review and approve rules and regulations proposed by the board. Such regulations will be deemed approved unless disapproved within fifteen days of submission to said director; provided, however that any such disapproval shall be in writing setting forth the reasons for such disapproval.

Said board shall examine and pass on the qualifications of all applicants for licenses under sections one hundred and sixty-three to one hundred and seventy-two, inclusive, of chapter one hundred and twelve, and shall issue a license to each successful applicant therefor, attesting to their professional qualifications to be a licensed allied mental health and human services professional. After a person has applied for licensure, no member of the board may supervise such applicant for a fee nor shall any member vote on any applicant previously supervised by such member.

The board shall establish standards committees for each allied mental health and human services profession. Each standards committee shall have three members, two of whom shall be the board members representing their respective professions and one of whom shall be a board member representing the general public. Each standards committee, by a majority vote, shall recommend approval or disapproval of the granting of all licenses for that profession, approve the examination required of applicants for licensure in that profession, provide for the grading of that examination and provide for other matters relating to the standards for licensure in that profession.

No decision of a standards committee shall become effective until approved by the board. The board may initiate or otherwise act regarding any matter in which a standards committee is authorized to act. No decision of the board regarding the standards of a particular allied mental health and human services profession shall become effective without the approval of a majority of the standards committee for such profession.

Said board may recommend to the governor and the general court, after a public hearing which shall be advertised by publication of notices to the appropriate mental health and human service professional organizations and in major media outlets throughout the commonwealth, modifications and amendments to sections eighty-eight, eighty-nine and this section and sections one hundred and sixty-three to one hundred and seventy-two, inclusive, of chapter one hundred and twelve.

Said board shall cause examinations to be held not less than twice annually and shall evaluate examinations to keep them free from cultural bias.

Said board shall annually publish a list of names and addresses of persons who are licensed under sections one hundred and sixty-three to one hundred and seventy-two inclusive, of chapter one hundred and twelve.

Fees for examinations and for initial and renewal applications shall be determined annually by the commissioner of administration under the provisions of section three B of chapter seven.

Said board shall establish regulations for continuing educational requirements for licensees. Said regulations shall not require more than thirty contact hours per year, on average through the term of the license, of approved continuing education programs as a condition for continuing registration, nor more than fifteen contact hours per year on average for any licensed individual during the term of their employment by the commonwealth or any political subdivisions thereof.

Said board shall cause public hearings to be held prior to setting specifications for any continuing educational requirements.

The board shall establish procedures to permit consumers to file written complaints against licensed individuals and investigate and take appropriate action on such complaints.