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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 94: Board of registration of hearing instrument specialists; duties

Section 94. The board shall establish the requirements for registration, establish standards of professional and ethical conduct, authorize and conduct appropriate examinations to determine the qualifications of applicants, grant registrations and licenses to qualified applicants, establish minimum procedures for reviewing and investigating complaints, investigate complaints and set and administer penalties as defined in section 200 of chapter 112 for fraudulent, deceptive, professionally incompetent and unsafe practices in hearing aid dispensing and for violations of the rules and regulations as promulgated by the board.

The board shall adopt such rules and regulations covering the details of the process of complaint investigation in conjunction with the commissioner of public health, a systematic procedure for managing complaints, hearings, appeals and penalties, the process of registration, standards of practice of hearing aid dispensing, oversight and review and other such regulations as it may deem necessary in the performance of its duties.

The board shall annually compile a list of names and addresses of individuals licensed as hearing instrument specialists and apprentices in the commonwealth which shall be held by the board and made available to members of the public upon request.

The board shall administer and enforce the provisions of sections 196 to 200, inclusive, of said chapter 112.