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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 19E: Principal and superintendent recruitment program

Section 19E. There shall be a principal and superintendent recruitment program for recruiting and training as principals and superintendents in public schools individuals from other professions who have the skills, experience and talent to be outstanding school principals and superintendents, but who do not meet the existing statutory and regulatory requirements to serve as principals and superintendents. The program shall include the use of financial incentives and other methods for recruiting candidates and innovative methods for providing the necessary training.

The board of education shall promulgate regulations, where necessary, for the effective implementation of the program. The board shall establish standards that individuals who participate in the program shall meet to be authorized to serve as principals or superintendents. If the board determines that existing statutory or regulatory requirements for such service interfere with attracting highly qualified individuals from other professions who meet the standards established by the board, it may exempt such individuals from such requirements.