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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 5: Bureau of clinical services; duties; detention centers; assistant commissioner

Section 5. The bureau of clinical services shall review, upon commitment or referral, the social histories and diagnostic data concerning all persons referred or committed to the department, shall conduct such further study and evaluation as may be required for clinical classification, and shall place such persons under an appropriate form of care. Said bureau shall conduct the research and planning necessary for the continued care of each youth within the jurisdiction of the department and the development and implementation of effective individualized treatment programs for each of the delinquent children committed to the department. Said bureau shall be responsible for all case assignments, case reassignments, case dispositions, and proposals for discharge, and shall regularly review existing case assignments in the department. Said bureau shall operate the Reception-Detention Center for Girls at Boston, Judge John J. Connelly Youth Center, Boston, Westfield Detention Center, Westfield and Worcester Detention Center, Worcester, and subject to appropriation such other centers as may be necessary for the study and diagnosis of children's needs upon commitment or referral and for temporary shelter care in emergency cases including those children requiring secure custody.

The commissioner shall appoint an assistant commissioner for the bureau of clinical services who shall have a graduate degree from an accredited institution in psychology, social work, medicine, or related fields, with a specialty in the problems relating to children. Said assistant commissioner shall have had at the time of his appointment a minimum of five years professional and clinical experience working in the field of emotionally disturbed youth. Said assistant commissioner shall serve at the pleasure of the commissioner. He may, notwithstanding any contrary provision of law, be allowed such professional affiliations concurrent with his duties as the commissioner may approve, including the holding of a nontenure appointment at a university. Said assistant commissioner shall, with the approval of the commissioner, establish and maintain standards for all clinical and child care positions in the department and shall review the qualifications and performances of all clinical and child care personnel. The commissioner shall appoint replacement or additional clinical and child care personnel upon recommendation of said assistant commissioner together with the assistant commissioner of any other bureau requesting such personnel.