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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 6: Bureau of after-care, delinquency prevention and community services; duties; assistant commissioner

Section 6. The bureau of after-care, delinquency prevention and community services shall be responsible for the noninstitutional programs of the department, including but not limited to foster home care, group home care, after-care services to children in their own homes, after-care investigation services unit, parole and educational counselor programs. It shall be responsible for developing alternatives to institutional care and shall provide for work with the families of children in institutions in order to facilitate their return home and their adjustment and integration into the community. It shall further be responsible for continuing consultation with other state agencies and with local community groups and agencies for the development of preventive programs, the conduct of grants-in-aid for the initiation, demonstration and development of programs and the school adjustment counselor program.

The commissioner shall appoint an assistant commissioner for the bureau of after-care, delinquency prevention and community services who shall have an earned graduate degree from an accredited institution in the social sciences, education, or related fields. Said assistant commissioner shall have had at the time of his appointment at least five years professional experience in delinquency prevention and after-care with at least two of these years having been spent in an administrative capacity in his field. Said assistant commissioner shall serve at the pleasure of the commissioner.