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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 7: Bureau of educational services; duties; assistant commissioner

Section 7. The bureau of educational services shall establish and maintain programs and curricula for the educational service functions of each institution of the department and for coordinating educational services for individual youths at each stage of departmental jurisdiction. Said bureau shall establish and maintain academic and vocational educational programs, curriculum development plants, teacher training programs and library services for each of the institutions of the department and each of the youth committed to the department. Said bureau shall seek out and implement federally aided educational programs. Said bureau, after consultation with the commissioner and the assistant commissioners of the other bureaus or their designees, shall develop and initiate in-service training programs for all employees in each of the institutions and facilities within the jurisdiction of the department. Approval of such training programs by the personnel administrator shall be required in accordance with the provisions of section twenty-eight of chapter seven.

The commissioner shall appoint an assistant commissioner for the bureau of educational services who shall have an earned graduate degree from an accredited institution in education, the social sciences, or related fields with a specialty in the problems relating to delinquency. Said assistant commissioner shall have had at the time of his appointment at least five years professional experience in public or private secondary school, teaching in the area of delinquency prevention or teaching delinquent youth, with at least two of these years having been spent in administrative-curricula planning capacity. Said assistant commissioner shall serve at the pleasure of the commissioner. Said assistant commissioner shall, with the approval of the commissioner, establish and maintain standards for all teaching positions in the jurisdiction of the department and shall review the qualifications and performances of all teaching personnel in the department. Said assistant commissioner together with the assistant commissioner of each bureau requesting replacement and additional teaching personnel shall make recommendations to the commissioner relative to the replacement and addition of each and all teaching personnel for the institutions and facilities under the jurisdiction of said bureau.