General Laws

Section 4. There shall be a 25-member child advocate advisory board. The advisory board shall consist of the child advocate, who shall serve as chair, the secretary of health and human services, the secretary of public safety and security, the secretary of education, the commissioner of the department of criminal justice information services, the undersecretary of criminal justice from the executive office of public safety and security, the commissioner of early education and care, the commissioner of elementary and secondary education, the commissioner of mental health, the commissioner of developmental services, the commissioner of public health, the commissioner of children and families, the commissioner of transitional assistance, the commissioner of youth services, the deputy commissioner of the child support enforcement division within the department of revenue, the president of the Massachusetts District Attorneys Association, the commissioner of probation, the chief counsel of the committee for public counsel services, the chief justice of the superior court department, the chief justice of the juvenile court department, the chief justice of the probate and family court department, the executive director of the child abuse prevention board, and 3 persons appointed by the governor.