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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 15: Duties and powers of area boards

Section 15. The area board shall have the following duties and powers:

(a) to act as the representative of the citizens of the area;

(b) to advise regarding local needs and resources in the development of comprehensive mental health services;

(c) to advise in the recruitment and selection of the area director to be appointed by the commissioner, provided that, where the area director will also be an executive head of a facility which is integrated with a university medical center or medical school or with a hospital, the university, medical school, or hospital authorities shall advise in the recruitment and selection of such director; provided, that the commissioner may designate a person to act as area director in any case in which such office shall be vacant;

(d) to review and make recommendations concerning the annual budget for the comprehensive mental health services of the area;

(e) to review programs and services which are a part of the program of the area but which are not conducted within commonwealth-operated facilities;

(f) to consult with the commissioner in personnel recruitment and appointment policies, in the establishment of program priorities for the area, in admission policies for all facilities and services, and in policies regarding relationships with other agencies and organizations;

(g) to communicate with the mental health advisory council, established under section eleven, to discuss any matters concerning the area program;

(h) to receive and administer any gift or bequest of personal property or funds in trust or any grant or devise of lands made to its use in trust in the interest of the area program of mental health services, or for any special purpose as indicated in the gift or grant in trust, and may invest the proceeds thereof in notes, bonds or property secured by sufficient mortgages;

(i) to hold regular meetings in each year and to convene special meetings on the call of the president, or ten members of the board, or the area director, or the commissioner. The area director shall be notified of, and may participate in, all meetings, but shall not vote;

(j) to elect from their members annually a president and such other officers as they deem appropriate. The area board shall adopt rules for its proper organization and for procedures at meetings. Such rules and any subsequent amendments thereto shall be submitted to the commissioner for approval.