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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 21: Geriatric evaluation process

Section 21. (a) Subject to appropriation, the department shall establish a geriatric evaluation process for the purpose of conducting a comprehensive physical, mental, or social evaluation of an elderly person for whom a petition has been filed in a court for appointment of a conservator or guardian, under the provisions of clause (3) of section seventeen, or for an emergency order for protective services.

(b) The evaluation of an elderly person conducted by the geriatric evaluation process shall include at least the following:

(1) the name and address of the place where the person is residing and of the person or agency, if any, who is providing services at present;

(2) a description of the treatment and services, if any, presently being provided to the person;

(3) an evaluation of the person's present physical, mental, and social conditions; and

(4) a recommendation concerning the least restrictive course of services, care or treatment consistent with the person's needs.

(c) Subject to appropriation, the cost of this evaluation shall be borne by the department.

(d) Such elderly person shall have the right, at his own expense to secure an independent medical and psychological or psychiatric examination relevant to the issue involved in any hearing under this section and to present a report of his independent evaluation or the evaluator's personal testimony as evidence at the hearing.