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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 12: Scope of chapter; delay or deferral of investigation

Section 12. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to be a limitation of the powers and responsibilities assigned by law to other departments or agencies, nor shall this chapter be construed to relieve any such department or agency of its obligations to investigate and respond appropriately to alleged incidents of abuse. If the commission determines that a formal investigation under section eight, or an investigation under sections four and five, would duplicate or interfere with an ongoing investigation by law enforcement officials concerning possible criminal conduct arising out of the same conduct, it may, in consultation with the secretary of health and human services, delay or defer such formal investigation. The commission may, in consultation with the secretary of health and human services, delay or defer a formal investigation during the pendency of an investigation of the alleged abuse by the state agency at whose facility or program such abuse was alleged to have occurred. Such investigations may be delayed or deferred by the commission only after it has determined: that the health and the safety of clients of state agencies will not be adversely affected thereby; that the commission's ability to conduct a later investigation will not be unreasonably impaired and that the investigation of the incident by another official or agency will be conducted in good faith by an impartial, qualified investigator. The commission shall monitor the progress of such other investigations in order to determine when or whether the commission's investigation of the alleged incident of abuse should be initiated or resumed.