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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 13: Works of improvement; assistance from commonwealth; conditions

Section 13. The division shall require, as a condition to providing assistance from the commonwealth for the installation and operation and maintenance of works of improvement, that local organizations shall (1) assume responsibility for all planning for works of improvement to be constructed within the watershed area, but the local organization may, nevertheless, request, through the division, technical advice from any appropriate agency of the commonwealth; (2) acquire, in the name of the commonwealth, and without cost to the commonwealth, such land, easements or rights of way as will be needed in connection with works of improvement installed with the assistance of the commonwealth; (3) acquire, or provide assurance that landowners have acquired, such water rights, pursuant to the laws of the commonwealth, as may be needed in the installation and operation of the works of improvement; and (4) obtain agreements to carry out recommended soil conservation measures and proper farm plans from owners of not less than fifty per cent of the lands situated in the drainage area above each retention reservoir to be installed with the assistance of the commonwealth.