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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 15: Works of improvement; appropriations; federal, state or local funds

Section 15. At such time as the United States Secretary of Agriculture and the interested local organization have agreed upon a plan for works of improvement, and the local organization has met the requirements for receiving assistance from the commonwealth in installing, operating and maintaining the works of improvement as set forth in section fourteen, the division shall request the general court to appropriate such sums of money as are needed to meet (1) the share of the nonfederal cost of installing the works of improvement and (2) the share of the cost of operating and maintaining said works of improvement, which the division proposes to assume under the provisions of section fourteen.

Any funds received from local organizations or any other source, including funds made available by the federal government, shall be in addition to funds made available to the division by the general court.

With respect to all projects for which funds of the commonwealth have been appropriated as partial or total payment of the nonfederal share of the costs of constructing, operating or maintaining the proposed works of improvement, the division shall be the recipient of any federal, state, or local funds appropriated for such projects. Funds made available from any source for a specific project shall be held by the division for said project, and may not be allocated to any other project.

Nothing in this section or in section fourteen shall be construed to prevent or limit a local organization from assuming the full amount of the nonfederal share of the cost of installing any works of improvement.