General Laws

Section 30. A district commission (1) may act by a majority vote of the full commission, (2) shall adopt by-laws and regulations for the conduct of its affairs, (3) shall adopt a name and a corporate seal, (4) may sue and be sued, (5) may enter into contracts, (6) may incur expenses in order to carry out its purposes, (7) may issue bonds and notes as hereinafter provided, (8) may acquire, dispose of and encumber real and personal property for the purposes of the district, (9) may manage, control and supervise abatement facilities, (10) may construct, acquire, improve and maintain and operate abatement facilities, (11) may exercise the power of eminent domain under chapter seventy-nine, (12) shall provide revenue to carry out the purposes of the district, in accordance with sections thirty-five and thirty-six, (13) may apply for, accept and receive financial assistance from the federal government and from the commonwealth.