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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 34B: Evaluation and certification program; application; certification; fees

Section 34B. The board shall conduct a program of evaluating and certifying individuals who wish to be certified as operators of wastewater treatment facilities. The board may establish classes and categories of certifications, and the minimum qualifications and standards for said certifications. The board may prepare and conduct examinations, maintain records, and may issue, renew or deny, or suspend or revoke, after reasonable opportunity for hearing and for cause, certificates of competency. The board may adopt, amend or repeal rules and regulations for the performance of its duties.

Any individual who desires to be certified as an operator of a wastewater facility shall file with the board an application upon a form furnished by the board. Each applicant shall include in such application under oath his qualifications and shall pay with such application an application fee. Prior to issuing an original certificate, the board shall evaluate each applicant to determine his competence and fitness with respect to the class or category of certification for which certification is sought. Said evaluation shall include such examinations as the board may require. Examinations may be taken only upon payment of a nonrefundable examination fee. Prior to renewal of a certificate, the board may make such review of an applicant's competence and fitness as it deems necessary and appropriate. Such renewal shall be made only upon payment of a renewal fee.

Each certification issued by the board shall be valid only for the individual to whom it is issued, may not be transferred, and shall not continue in force and effect after the death of the individual to whom it is issued. Certification and renewals thereof shall be issued for a term not to exceed one year, unless sooner revoked.

The board may issue, for good cause shown and upon payment of a fee, a temporary emergency certification which shall be in effect for a period not to exceed six months.

Fees for the aforementioned application, examination, original certification, renewal and temporary emergency certification shall be determined annually by the commissioner of administration under the provisions of section three B of chapter seven.