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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 37D: Priority of projects

Section 37D. The department shall make awards to priority projects to the extent that funds are available. First priority shall be projects to manage incipient infestations of aquatic nuisances, second priority shall be projects to prevent or control the further spread of aquatic nuisances, and third priority shall be recurring maintenance projects. In establishing priorities for individual projects, the department shall consider the following: (a) public accessibility and recreational uses; (b) the importance to commercial, agricultural or other interests; (c) the degree of local interest, as manifested by municipal or other contributions to the project; (d) local efforts to control aquatic nuisances; (e) other considerations affecting feasibility, probability of achieving long term control, necessity or advantage of the proposed work; and (f) the extent to which the control project is a development rather than a maintenance project.