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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 9: Cease-work orders; special investigating commission; powers

Section 9. Upon receipt of a cease-work order the commissioner shall immediately appoint a special investigating commission. The commission shall immediately and before the end of the second day after its appointment make a full investigation and make a determination whether to affirm or deny the cease-work order issued by the inspector. If the commission shall agree that there is a condition of imminent danger it shall affirm the cease-work order. If the special investigation commission disagrees with the finding of the mine inspector it shall disaffirm the cease-work order and said order shall be rescinded and be null and void.

If the special investigating commission affirms the cease-work order it shall report such affirmation to the commissioner. The commissioner shall notify the operator of such determination and afford the operator an opportunity to refute the findings of the special investigating commission. If, after hearing, the commissioner affirms the cease-work order, he shall then establish all the necessary requirements to insure that the condition of imminent danger is rectified in accordance with all of the provisions of this chapter.