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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 8: Entry of premises; warrants; enforcement of law

Section 8. Personnel or authorized agents of the department may at all reasonable times enter any premises, public or private, for the purpose of investigating, sampling or inspecting any records, condition, equipment, practice or property relating to activities subject to this chapter, and may at any time enter such premises for the purpose of protecting the public health or safety, or to prevent damage to the environment. For the purposes of such entries no warrant shall be required provided, however, that upon demand by the owner or person in control of such premises, a warrant authorizing such entry and inspection shall be sought after such demand. Any court, judge, or justice authorized to issue warrants in criminal cases may issue such warrants.

Personnel of the department of telecommunications and energy appointed under section twelve F of chapter twenty-five shall have the authority to enforce the criminal, civil and administrative sanction provisions of this chapter and the regulations adopted thereunder as they relate to the transportation of hazardous waste and shall have the powers granted to them under section fourteen of chapter one hundred and fifty-nine B.