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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 3: Colonel of state police; powers and duties

Section 3. The colonel shall be the executive and administrative head of the department and shall have charge of the administration and organization thereof. The colonel may, subject to the approval of the governor and the secretary of public safety and except as otherwise provided, organize such divisions, bureaus, sections and units as the colonel deems necessary for the effective management of the department and, when the colonel deems necessary for such purpose, may abolish or consolidate such divisions, bureaus, sections or units. The colonel shall, except as otherwise provided, direct all inspections and investigations. The colonel shall make all necessary rules and regulations for the government of the department, for reports to be made by employees of the department and for the performance of the duties of said employees. The colonel shall make an annual report to the governor and the secretary of public safety.

The governor, upon the recommendation of the secretary of public safety and security, shall appoint the colonel, who shall be qualified by training and experience, to direct the work of the department. At the time of appointment, the colonel shall have not less than 10 years of full-time experience as a sworn law enforcement officer and not less than 5 years of full-time experience in a senior administrative or supervisory position in a police force or a military body with law enforcement responsibilities. The appointment shall constitute an appointment as a uniformed member of the department and shall qualify the colonel to exercise all powers granted to a uniformed member under this chapter. The colonel shall serve at the pleasure of the governor and shall devote their full time during business hours to the duties of the office.