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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 4: Collection of DNA samples; civil liability; costs

Section 4. (a) The director may establish regulations or procedures for the collection of DNA samples, including standards for training and licensing personnel who may collect such samples. A physician, registered professional nurse, licensed practical nurse, phlebotomist, health care worker with phlebotomist training or a person approved and trained by the director shall collect DNA samples pursuant to section 3. No person authorized under this section to collect DNA samples, including buccal swabs and blood samples, shall be subject to civil liability for the act of withdrawing blood, or any other act directly related to the taking of a DNA sample; provided, however, that they shall employ recognized medical procedures and comply with all regulations or procedures promulgated by the director for the collection of DNA samples. Duly authorized law enforcement and correction personnel may employ reasonable force to assist in collecting DNA samples in cases where an individual refuses to submit to such collection as required under this chapter; provided, further, that such law enforcement and correction personnel shall not be subject to criminal prosecution or civil liability for the use of such reasonable force.

(b) The cost of preparing, collecting and processing a DNA sample shall be assessed against the person required to submit a DNA sample, unless such person is indigent as defined in section 27A of chapter 261. The cost of preparing, collecting and processing a DNA sample shall be determined by the secretary for administration and finance in consultation with the director and shall be paid to the department and retained by it to offset costs associated with creating, maintaining and administering the state DNA database.