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General Laws

Section 11I. Every apprentice agreement entered shall include at least the following basic provisions:

(a) a requirement that the apprentice receive a minimum of 2,000 hours of employment as an apprentice, consistent with training requirements as established by industry practice, in the occupation to which he is apprenticed;

(b) a requirement that the apprentice receive a minimum of 150 hours per year of related classroom instruction during the period of apprenticeship in the occupation to which he is apprenticed and any examinations administered during such instruction shall be monitored by a proctor;

(c) a schedule of the work processes to be learned in the occupation;

(d) a progressively increasing scale of wages for the apprentice, during the period of apprenticeship, averaging at least 1/2 of the rate of pay of a journey person over a similar period;

(e) a concise and accurate statement of the terms and conditions of the employment and training of the apprentice and a statement that the apprenticeship agreement shall be registered with the division within 30 days of its execution;

(f) a statement that such agreement may be terminated, within 6 months of its execution, by either the employer or the apprentice, for any reason;

(g) a statement that the agreement may be terminated by the deputy director any time during the duration of the agreement if the deputy director deems it proper; and

(h) a statement that the division is available to receive, investigate and resolve any complaints the apprentice has about the apprentice training program in which the apprentice is registered.