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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 11L: Application to sponsor apprentice program; collective bargaining agreement; effect of abnormal labor condition

Section 11L. A person, association, committee, organization, corporation, partnership, trust or other entity seeking to sponsor an apprentice program may apply for a registration in accord with procedures established by the division. The application shall describe the proposed program, giving the terms and conditions of the apprentices' employment, supervision of apprentices and provision of related instruction. The application shall also describe whether credit or advanced standing will be given for relevant hands-on training or related instruction and, if so, the terms and conditions by which such credit or advanced standing will be granted.

If the applicant is a party to a collective bargaining agreement, a statement to that effect shall be included with the application and a copy of the application shall be provided to the agent for the collective bargaining unit at least 2 weeks prior to filing the application with the division. If the applicant is involved in any abnormal labor condition, such as a strike, lockout or other similar condition, the application shall be withheld until such condition is resolved. Once a program is registered, the sponsor shall notify the division in writing within 30 days of any significant modifications to the program or of any material changes in information submitted with the application.