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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 10A: Buy Massachusetts Program

Section 10A. The MOBD shall establish a Buy Massachusetts Program. In implementing said program the MOBD shall analyze and compile a list of products or goods that companies and businesses in the commonwealth need or that are produced for them. The raw materials listed shall include agricultural items produced in the commonwealth and parts of special services provided by said companies. Special attention shall be given to those items or products that such companies currently purchase outside the commonwealth or from foreign countries and especially an item or product needed or required for the first time. MOBD shall make inquiries as to the needs of locally-based companies and businesses and determine if other commonwealth based companies and business entities need the item or product, or are capable of making or producing the item or product with additional capital or retooling. MOBD shall utilize said lists for the purpose of bringing together the needs, as so determined, with the business entities utilizing said products or items and more than one entity may be serviced by one or more local suppliers or buyers, the purpose of said program being to connect local companies' needs with products made or services provided by other local companies.

The Massachusetts office of business development may expend such funds as may be appropriated therefor, and may accept federal funds, or private gifts and grants to assist it in carrying out the purposes as set forth in this section.