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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 15: Conveyance of land to agency or Boston redevelopment authority

Section 15. Notwithstanding any provision of general or special law to the contrary, upon the recording in the Suffolk county registry of deeds of a deed or deeds from the United States of America conveying to the Agency or to the Boston Redevelopment Authority as grantee all or any portion of the premises within the United States Navy Yard, Charlestown section of Boston, Massachusetts, now owned in part by the United States of America and in part by the Boston Redevelopment Authority, bounded northwesterly by Little Mystic Channel, easterly and southeasterly by the main channel of Boston Inner Harbor, southwesterly by the Charles River and northwesterly by the lands of others: (a) it shall be deemed conclusively that jurisdiction to said premises vested in the United States of America in accordance with the terms of any special acts whereby the commonwealth ceded jurisdiction to said premises to said United States and, further, that said United States has complied with all conditions imposed by such acts; (b) all right, title and interest of the commonwealth in and to any such premises shall pass to and vest in the grantee, establishing fee simple absolute title in the grantee, all without further evidence of conveyance by the commonwealth and all interests of the commonwealth are hereby ratified and confirmed in the respective grantees of any such deed or deeds of all or any portion of these premises so recorded prior to the enactment hereof; and (c) all licenses and authority to place fill, to maintain existing fill, to build and maintain bulkheads, to drive piles, to build, extend and widen wharves, piers and other structures on piles or on other support structures or to construct other structures heretofore or hereafter granted under the applicable provisions of chapter 91 of the General Laws and all actions of the United States of America taken in respect to placing and maintaining fill or building and maintaining bulkheads, piles, wharves, piers or other structures completed prior to the date of enactment hereof, whether or not so placed, built or maintained in accordance with the applicable provisions of any general or special act, deed, grant or other instrument authorizing or conveying the same and whether or not so placed, built or maintained in accordance with any plans that may have been filed or required to be filed with the commonwealth or any Agency or political subdivision thereof, all with respect to said premises, shall be irrevocable and ratified and confirmed in place, the commonwealth hereby waiving any right or claim of action it might have for the recovery of said land or any interest therein below high water mark to or in such fill or appurtenant structures or to restrict the use of same.