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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 11: Regional technology and innovation center; purpose; duties

Section 11. (a) The center, in consultation with the advisory board established by section 12, shall identify 1 existing life sciences entity with experience facilitating local or regional life science industry sectors to serve as a regional technology and innovation center in each of the following 5 regions: western Massachusetts, central Massachusetts, northeastern Massachusetts, southeastern Massachusetts and metropolitan Boston.

(b) The purpose of each regional technology and innovation center shall include, but shall not be limited to: (i) encouraging and facilitating collaboration between existing organizations dedicated to promoting the regional life science industry; (ii) inputting regional life science industry and educational data, including the documentation of regional lab space, into the life sciences industry database as designed and maintained by the center; (iii) organizing, facilitating and implementing regional workforce development initiatives; (iv) providing business management and resource training, including the dissemination of best business practices; (v) facilitating public and private investment; (vi) reviewing and providing recommendations to the center proposals; (vii) identifying property conducive to regional life science industry expansion; (viii) investigating and identifying specific regions or municipalities that have the potential to be developed into a life sciences cluster; and (ix) facilitating the regional development and implementation of section 10A of chapter 23A.

(c) The executive director, or his equivalent, of the 5 regional technology and innovation centers shall meet from time to time with the center to exchange information; identify regional needs including, but not limited to, any assistance needed in fulfilling the regional centers' purposes as provided in subsection (b); and advise the center on the effectiveness of programs administered by the center.

(d) Each regional technology and innovation center shall provide an annual report to the center containing such information as may be required by the center to evaluate the progress of each regional center. The center may withdraw a designation as a regional technology and innovation center if a regional center does not satisfactorily meet the purposes of subsection (b), and as provided in any rules, regulations or guidelines established by the center.