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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 10: Pathways out of poverty initiative

Section 10. The center shall develop an initiative to be known as the pathways out of poverty initiative. This initiative shall award grants to clean energy companies, regional employment boards, community-based nonprofit organizations, educational institutions or labor organizations to enable said entities to carry out training programs associated with the clean energy industry that lead to economic self-sufficiency. The center shall give funding priority to entities that: (i) serve individuals in families with incomes that either do not exceed 300 per cent of the poverty level, as determined by the United States Census Bureau, or a self-sufficiency standard for the local areas where the training is conducted that specifies the income needs of families, family size, the number and ages of children in the family and geographical considerations; (ii) engage in partnerships with public and private employers and community-based nonprofit agencies; and (iii) establish career pathways for hard and soft skill development and salary advancement. Such grants shall be awarded so as to ensure geographic diversity within the commonwealth.