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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 33: Junkets, junket representatives and junket enterprises authorized; licensing of junket representatives as gaming employee; reporting; prohibited conduct

Section 33. (a) No junkets may be organized or permitted and no person may act as a junket representative or junket enterprise except as authorized by the commission under this chapter.

(b) A junket representative employed by a gaming licensee or affiliate of a gaming licensee shall be licensed as a gaming employee, including provisions for the issuance of a temporary license; provided, however, that the junket representative need not be a resident of the commonwealth. A person who holds a valid gaming employee license may act as a junket representative while employed by a gaming licensee or an affiliate. No gaming licensee shall employ or otherwise engage a junket representative who is not licensed under this chapter.

(c) The commission shall deny an application for a license under this section if the commission finds that an applicant is disqualified under section 16 or may be unsuitable for licensure under any of the criteria set forth in section 12.

(d) Each gaming licensee, junket representative or junket enterprise shall file a report with the bureau with respect to each list of junket patrons or potential junket patrons purchased directly or indirectly by the gaming licensee, junket representative or junket enterprise.

(e) No junket enterprise or junket representative or person acting as a junket representative shall: (i) engage in efforts to collect upon checks that have been returned by banks without full and final payment; (ii) exercise approval authority with regard to the authorization or issuance of credit under this chapter; (iii) act on behalf of or under any arrangement with a gaming licensee or a gaming patron with regard to the redemption, consolidation or substitution of the gaming patron's checks awaiting deposit; (iv) individually receive or retain any fee from a patron for the privilege of participating in a junket; or (v) pay for any services, including transportation, or other items of value provided to, or for the benefit of, any patron participating in a junket.