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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 2A: Energy advisory board; membership; duties

Section 2A. There is hereby established within the executive office of energy and environmental affairs an energy advisory board, appointed by the governor, consisting of thirteen members: three representatives of investor-owned electric utilities; one representative of an investor-owned gas utility; two representatives of the environmental community; two representatives of the business community; one consumer representative; one representative of organized labor appointed from a list of three qualified names submitted by the Massachusetts State Labor Council, AFL–CIO; one representative of energy conservation providers; one representative of the independent power industry and the secretary of consumer affairs and business regulation. Said advisory board shall meet at least four times each fiscal year and shall make recommendations to the governor respecting mandated assessments and fees; relating to the provision of energy and energy services in the commonwealth; the relationship between existing fees and assessments on public utilities and patterns of timely regulatory action; the elimination of duplication of regulatory activity and relative to long-term planning and the future of the commonwealth's energy policy. Said advisory board shall report to the governor annually, which report shall also be submitted to the house and senate committees on ways and means no later than October first of each year. The members of the advisory board shall serve without compensation.