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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 4A: Hearings on change of rates or reduction in or discontinuance of service; time and place

Section 4A. Upon request of the mayor of a city or the selectman of a town, or of a member of the general court or of twenty customers of the company affected, a public hearing ordered by the department, to be held in connection with any change in rates or reduction in or discontinuance of service, shall be held in the city or town or area wherein the company affected does business or in which any decision of the commission would apply. No public hearing on a discontinuance of service by a common carrier of passengers by motor vehicle shall take place until the expiration of thirty days from notice thereof to the public in the city, town or area affected thereby, and such notice shall be given in the manner provided by section three of chapter thirty A. The department shall, at least fourteen days prior to holding any public hearing under this section, notify in writing the mayor of each city and the selectmen of each town in which the company does business of the time and place of such hearing.