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The 189th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 14: Contracts for energy conservation projects costing one hundred thousands dollars or less; additions to monthly utility bills.

Section 14. (a) A state agency, building authority or local governmental body may contract for energy conservation projects that have a total project cost of $100,000 or less, directly and without further solicitation, with electric and gas utilities, their subcontractors and other providers of such energy conservation projects authorized under sections 19 and 21 of chapter 25 and section 11G.

(b) For purposes of this section, ''total project cost'' shall mean all construction costs of an energy conservation project, whether borne by the utility, agency, authority or body including, without limitation, the costs associated with equipment purchase and installation of such equipment. Ancillary services provided at no cost by utilities, such as auditing and design, shall not be considered part of project cost.

(c) A state agency, building authority or local governmental body may pay for such energy conservation projects through additions to their monthly utility bills.

(d) Sections 44A to 44M, inclusive, of chapter 149 and section 39M of chapter 30 shall not apply to contracts entered into under this section.