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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 5: Reports filed with legislative committees

Section 5. The commissioner shall file an annual report with the clerks of the senate and the house of representatives, the joint committee on telecommunications, utilities and energy and the senate and house committees on ways and means: (a) listing the number of employees of the department of energy resources, the salaries and titles of each employee, the source of funding for the salaries of said employees and the projected date when federal funds for such positions are expected to terminate; (b) listing and describing grant programs of the department funded by the federal government, including the amount of funding by grant; (c) listing and describing other programs of the department, including the amount and source of funding by program; and (d) describing the energy audit, energy conservation and alternative energy bond programs by categories of projects, prospective grantees under each category, if known, and amounts to be spent by category and grantee. Such reports shall be filed annually on or before December thirty-first and shall refer to activities planned for the subsequent calendar year. The commissioner shall also file with said committees an annual report detailing all expenditures under each program administered by the division, including the energy audit, energy conservation and alternative energy bond programs, identified by categories of projects and grantees under each category, together with all available documentation of energy savings resulting from such expenditures. Such reports shall be filed on or before March first of each year and shall refer to activities in the preceding calendar year.