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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 8: Declaration of energy emergency

Section 8. The governor shall have the authority to declare an energy emergency in the commonwealth due to actual or imminent severe energy supply interruption in the commonwealth, or resulting from the obligating of the United States under the international energy program of the United States, or like obligation. The declaration of an energy emergency shall comply with the requirements of Section 2 of chapter 30A with regard to emergency regulations. Upon issuance of such declaration of an energy emergency the Governor shall implement, at his discretion, with or without any federal delegation, action or approval (i) such energy supply shortage contingency plans including conservation contingency plans and rationing contingency plans as have been developed by the department and which conform to the substantive requirements of 42 USC Secs. 6261-6275 and (ii) any petroleum plan or other measures which comply with the substantive requirements of 15 USC Sec. 751-760H or successor federal legislation. Any such declaration of an energy emergency, as provided in this section, shall expire in ninety days after promulgation. In the event the governor deems it necessary to extend the energy emergency beyond said ninety days, he shall file with the general court legislation authorizing such extension. The Governor shall have the authority to adopt and enforce such energy emergency measures as may be delegated by the United States and which are consistent with law.