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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 106: Duties of commission

Section 106. The commission shall promote employment to maximize the independence, productivity, and integration of all citizens in the commonwealth with disabilities. Said purposes shall be accomplished through the encouragement and advocacy by the commission of the following: (i) plans to promote, develop, and coordinate effective education, transition, employment and training services to facilitate the employment of persons with disabilities at the state and local levels; (ii) the development of and access to educational programs that will enable students with disabilities to enter employment; (iii) the dissemination of information about available services and resources to persons who are disabled, families, advocates, and employers; (iv) the creation of greater awareness of the abilities of persons with disabilities; (v) the expansion of employment opportunities for persons with disabilities in both the public and private sectors; (vi) the creation of work environments which enable persons with disabilities to achieve their full potential; and (vii) the acceptance, appreciation, and support of such persons by employers and employees.