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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 127: Advisory committee; members; meetings

Section 127. The commission may establish an advisory committee of thirty unpaid members, to be appointed by the chairman for a term of four years, of whom one shall represent the medical schools, one the Massachusetts Medical Society, one the dental schools, one the Massachusetts Dental Society, one The Massachusetts Public Health Association, one the Massachusetts Hospital Association, one the Massachusetts Hospital Service, Inc., one the department of corrections, one the youth service board, one the division of employment and training, one the department of education, one the department of elder affairs, one the Massachusetts Mental Health Association, one representative of a community chest organization or community health and welfare council serving an area containing two hundred thousand or more residents, one the Massachusetts Heart Association, one the Massachusetts Cancer Society, one the consumers' council, one The Massachusetts Health Council, Inc., one the Massachusetts Medical Service, one the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, one the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Rehabilitation Association, one the Massachusetts Committee on Children and Youth, one the drug addiction rehabilitation board, one the Massachusetts State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, one the Associated Industries of Massachusetts, one The Massachusetts Selectman's Association, Inc., one The Massachusetts Mayors Association, Inc., one the Massachusetts League of Women Voters and one the Public Welfare Administrators Association of Massachusetts.

Said advisory committee shall meet at least once a year to receive an annual report from the commission. Other meetings of the advisory committee may be called at the discretion of the commission, for the purpose of discussing proposed plans and programs for co-ordinating health and welfare services of the commonwealth.