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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 129: Massachusetts commission for the blind; composition; cooperation with federal agency; commissioner; advisory board

Section 129. There shall be a commission for the blind, to be known as the Massachusetts commission for the blind, in this section and in sections one hundred and thirty to one hundred and forty-nine, inclusive, called the commission, consisting of a commissioner of the blind and an advisory board of five members as hereinafter described. The commission shall cooperate with the United States Department of Education or its successors in the administration of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act and may expend such state, federal or other funds as are available for such purpose.

The commissioner for the blind shall be appointed by the secretary of health and human services, with the approval of the governor for a term of five years and until his successor is duly appointed and qualified. The position of commissioner shall be classified in accordance with section forty-five of chapter thirty and the salary shall be determined in accordance with section forty-six C of said chapter thirty and he shall devote his entire time to the duties of his office during business hours.

The advisory board shall consist of five persons, qualified by training, experience, or demonstrated interest in the amelioration of the condition of the blind to be appointed by the secretary of health and human services, with the approval of the governor, for a term of five years. Upon expiration of the term of any member, his successor shall be appointed in like manner for a term of five years. Said members of the advisory board shall elect their chairman and shall meet at least once a month. They shall serve without compensation, but shall be reimbursed for expenses necessarily incurred in the performance of their duties. If any member is absent from three regularly scheduled monthly meetings in any one calendar year, his office as a member of said board shall be deemed vacant. The chairman of the board shall forthwith notify the secretary of health and human services that such vacancy exists.