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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 12M: Student Government Day

Section 12M. The governor shall annually set apart the first Friday in April or, with the approval of the commissioner of education, any other Friday, as Student Government Day, and shall by proclamation recommend that exercises appropriate to such day be observed in the schools of the commonwealth.

The governor, lieutenant governor, state secretary, state treasurer, state auditor, attorney general and each head of a state department may select a high school senior and may permit each such student to occupy the chair and office of the appointing officer during Student Government Day in order to observe the processes of government in the executive and administrative departments of the commonwealth. Each such student may be designated as student governor, or otherwise, according to the office occupied by him.

There shall be a student senate of forty members and a student house of representatives of two hundred and forty members elected by high school pupils from districts corresponding as nearly as possible to the senatorial and representative districts, which districts shall be set up by the commissioner of education, who shall, not later than the third Wednesday of January, notify the principals of all the high schools in the commonwealth. Such elections shall be conducted under the supervision of the principals of the high schools in the several districts and in so far as possible shall be conducted as are elections for members of the general court. One alternate for each student senator and representative may be elected. Said students may assemble in Boston on the designated Friday and may use the chamber of the senate and of the house of representatives for the purpose of the meeting, may elect officers, appoint committees, introduce bills, conduct hearings, receive committee reports, debate such reports and vote on the acceptance or rejection of the same, and in general conduct its proceedings in the same manner as the general court.

No part of the expense incurred in carrying out the provisions of this section shall be borne by the commonwealth and no board, commission or department of the commonwealth shall receive or expend any funds for such purposes; provided, that the commissioner of education may request additional clerical assistance, if required, from the director of personnel. Subject to the provisions of this paragraph any person or civic, charitable or non-political organization may make contributions for such purpose.