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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 130: Commissioner's duties and powers; supervisors; divisions and directors; assistance to blind persons; funeral expenses

Section 130. The commissioner shall be the executive and administrative head of the commission. The commissioner shall have charge of the administration and enforcement of all laws which it is the duty of the commission to administer and enforce. The commissioner may appoint and remove supervisors. The compensation of such supervisors shall be determined by the personnel administrator in the division of personnel administration. The commissioner, subject to appropriation, may also appoint and remove such other agents, teachers and clerks as may be necessary but no person employed or appointed by him shall be a member of the advisory board.

The commissioner may establish divisions and appoint directors as he deems necessary and such assistants and consultants as may from time to time be necessary to enable him to perform his duties. The commissioner may ameliorate the condition of the blind by devising means to facilitate the circulation of books, by promoting visits among the aged or helpless blind in their homes, by aiding individual blind persons in accordance with sections one hundred and thirty-one to one hundred and thirty-one E, inclusive, or by other means as he may deem expedient.

The commission may, if no other means are available, pay for the expense of the funeral and burial of blind persons aided under this section, a sum not exceeding eleven hundred dollars, provided that the total expense of the funeral and burial does not exceed fifteen hundred dollars; and provided, further, that any payment made by said commission shall be reduced by whatever resources may exist in the estate of such deceased blind person. Payment under this section may be made directly to the person furnishing such service.