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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 133G: Braille instruction for registrants; assessment

Section 133G. The Massachusetts commission for the blind shall offer Braille instruction to its registrants; provided, however, that at a minimum such instruction shall be available at sufficient frequency and duration to afford such registrants an opportunity to learn Braille at the grade two Braille level. Vocational rehabilitation and independent living programs provided by the commission shall include within standard client evaluation a written assessment of the appropriateness of Braille instruction. Such assessment shall include: (i) the person's efficiency in reading and writing print as compared with a person of similar intellectual ability; (ii) the person's stamina in using print before fatigue occurs; and (iii) the person's prognosis for further sight loss. For purposes of this section ''grade two Braille'' shall mean a system of Braille used by the Library of Congress for the production of Braille materials, in which short forms and contractions of words or groups of words are used regularly.