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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 135: Register of the blind; identification card; acceptance to verify identity; information displayed; fee

Section 135. The commissioner of the commission for the blind shall maintain a register of the blind in the commonwealth which shall describe therein the condition, cause of blindness and capacity for education and industrial training. Said register shall be maintained on a current basis so as to give information which will aid in planning improved facilities and services to the blind and restoration and conservation of sight. Any identification card issued by said commissioner providing that a blind person may receive free transportation shall not contain any statement requiring that the blind person shall be accompanied by a guide.

The contents of the register shall be released only under such circumstances and conditions as the commissioner may establish by regulation.

Any person who accepts a motor vehicle operator's license to verify the identity of another person for the purpose of granting credit and, including but not limited to, the cashing of checks, shall extend the same acceptance to the identification card issued by the commission under this section to legally blind residents of the commonwealth.

Identification cards issued by the commission under this section shall display, with the exception of class of operator, the same information as appears on a Massachusetts motor vehicle operator's license.