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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 159: Council on juvenile behavior

Section 159. There shall be a state council on juvenile behavior in this section and in section one hundred and sixty called the council, to consist of the attorney general or his designee, the commissioner of youth services and thirteen persons to be appointed by the governor, one of said appointees shall be experienced in law enforcement in the field of juvenile delinquency, one shall be trained in child psychology, one in the education of delinquent children, one in social welfare, families and juvenile problems, one shall be a psychiatrist with a knowledge of the juvenile and adolescent mind, one shall represent the juvenile courts, one shall represent the federal office of economic opportunity as it affects juveniles and adolescents, one shall represent public child welfare agencies, one shall represent private child welfare agencies, and one shall be a member of the bar experienced in the law and court procedures relating to juvenile delinquency or juvenile behavioral problems. The governor shall designate one of the appointive members as chairman of the council. Upon the expiration of the term of an appointive member his successor shall be appointed for a term of five years. The members of the council shall be reimbursed for their expenses actually and necessarily incurred in the discharge of their duties. The council shall appoint an executive secretary who shall have had at least ten years of experience in juvenile delinquency work and who shall be exempt from the provisions of chapter thirty-one. The executive secretary shall receive a salary of seventeen thousand two hundred and thirty-nine dollars.