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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 15P: Traffic Safety Week

Section 15P. The governor shall annually issue a proclamation calling for the proper observance of Traffic Safety Week as a period for special attention to traffic safety.

During Traffic Safety Week every public school district within the commonwealth shall offer all students in grades kindergarten through twelve a program of activities oriented toward developing positive traffic safety attitudes; provided, however, that no school district shall be required to establish a Traffic Safety Week program unless the local school committee votes to do so. In each school district said program shall be administered by a driver education instructor or by any other person designated by the superintendent of schools. Said program shall commence with a mandatory introductory assembly to be held on the first school day of Traffic Safety Week. Said program shall include, but shall not be limited to general student assemblies and daily classroom activities and projects designed to make students and the general public more aware of how highway accidents are caused and how they can be prevented. Said programs shall be oriented toward pedestrian and bicycle safety, as well as motor vehicle safety. In order to avoid the imposition of any new costs upon cities, towns or regional school districts as a result of this act, the administrator of the Traffic Safety Week program in each school district may accept gifts and grants for the administration of said program. Said gifts and grants shall be used exclusively for the expenses of said Traffic Safety Week program.