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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 165A: Massachusetts firefighting academy

Section 165A. There is hereby established the Massachusetts firefighting academy which shall be the sole agency responsible for the training of all fire service personnel in the commonwealth. Said academy shall be responsible to the fire training council and shall be within the department of fire services within the executive office of public safety.

Said academy shall be directed by an executive director who shall be appointed by the Massachusetts fire training council and, subject to appropriation, make such expenditures and appoint such staff as may be necessary to carry out the function of said academy.

Said executive director shall be classified in accordance with section forty-five of chapter thirty and his salary shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of section forty-six C of said chapter thirty.

Said academy, with the approval of the Massachusetts fire training council, may accept for any of its purposes and functions any donations of property and grants of money from any governmental unit, public or private agency, institution, person, firm or corporation. Said grants shall be kept by the state treasurer in a separate fund to be known as the Massachusetts Firefighters Academy Trust Fund and shall be disbursed by the state treasurer at the direction of said council. Said trust fund may also be used to collect funds intended as compensation for services rendered by said academy, including but not limited to costs for administration, personnel, overtime and fringe benefits, from any governmental unit, public or private agency, institution, person, firm, or corporation.