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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 165B: Massachusetts fire service commission

Section 165B. There is hereby established in the executive office of public safety the Massachusetts fire service commission, hereinafter called the commission, to consist of the secretary of public safety, ex officio; and 7 members to be appointed by the governor, four of whom shall be fire chiefs selected from a list of eight names submitted by the Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts, one of whom shall be selected from a list of two names submitted by the Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts who holds the rank of firefighter, 1 of whom shall be selected from a list of 2 names submitted by the Massachusetts Call and Volunteer Firefighters Association who holds the rank of firefighter or fire officer below the rank of chief and one of whom shall be a representative of the insurance industry.

The four fire chiefs selected from the eight names submitted by the fire chiefs association shall represent the following types of fire departments:

(1) a fully paid fire department

(2) a partially paid part-call fire department

(3) a full-call fire department; and

(4) a community from within metro fire district 13.

The chairman of said commission shall be elected by a majority of the members thereof and shall serve as chairman for a term of one year or until his successor is elected. Said chairman shall be elected annually at the January meeting.

Members of the commission shall be appointed for terms of three years with no limit on the number of terms they may serve. Members shall hold office until a successor is appointed and no member shall serve beyond the time he ceases to hold office or employment by reason of which he was eligible for appointment to the commission.

The commission shall meet monthly except that the chairman, with commission approval, may omit meetings in July and August and the chairman, the governor, or the secretary of public safety may call additional meetings at other times, of which all members shall be given notice in writing at least five days prior to such meeting. Special meetings may be called by the chairman and shall be called by him at the request of the governor or upon the written request of four members of said commission. If any member is absent from three regularly scheduled meetings, exclusive of July and August, in any calendar year, his office as a member shall be deemed vacant. The chairman of the commission shall make an annual report to the governor and the secretary of public safety and shall include in it recommendations for appropriate legislation.

The members of the commission shall serve without compensation but shall be reimbursed for their actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties.

No member of the commission shall serve as a member concurrently on the Massachusetts fire training council established in section one hundred and sixty-four.

The commission shall have responsibility for the following:

(1) the appointment of a fire marshal;

(2) the promulgation of regulations and policies pertaining to the operation of the office of the state fire marshal;

(3) review the annual budget developed by the office of the state fire marshal;

(4) advising the office of the state fire marshal regarding state and national fire codes; and

(5) consulting with the Massachusetts fire training council to develop standards for fire investigation training and certification.