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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 172D: Availability of information to IV-D agency

Section 172D. Notwithstanding any provision of section 172 or of any other provision of law, the following information shall be available to the IV-D agency as set forth in chapter 119A, upon request, for purposes connected with establishing paternity, or establishing, modifying or enforcing child support obligations pursuant to chapter 119A and Title IV, Part D of the Social Security Act: criminal offender record information, including, but not limited to, arrest, conviction, incarceration and rehabilitation information, and evaluative information pursuant to section 14 of chapter 119A; criminal offender record information obtained through any interstate system used by the commonwealth to locate an individual for purposes relating to motor vehicles or law enforcement as required by Title IV, Part D of the Social Security Act; youthful offender and adjudication of juvenile delinquency data; information contained in the warrant management system established pursuant to section 23A of chapter 276; and to further the protection of children and victims of domestic violence, data in the statewide domestic violence record keeping system maintained by the commissioner of probation. The IV-D agency shall not make, and shall prohibit, any dissemination of such information for any purpose other than as set forth herein.