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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 173: Regulations for program research; monitoring; access restricted

Section 173. The commissioner may approve research programs to obtain criminal offender record information; provided, however, that said research programs shall not publish any information that either identifies or tends to identify the subject of the criminal offender record information, and the commissioner shall promulgate regulations to govern the use of criminal offender record information for purposes of program research. Such regulations shall require preservation of the anonymity of the individuals to whom such information relates, shall require the completion of nondisclosure agreements by all participants in such programs, and shall impose such additional requirements and conditions as the commissioner finds to be necessary to assure the protection of privacy and security interests.

The commissioner may monitor any such programs to assure their effectiveness. The commissioner may, if it determines that a program's continuance threatens privacy or security interests, prohibit access on behalf of any such program to criminal offender record information.