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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 77: Definitions applicable to Secs. 74 to 84

Section 77. The following words and phrases as used in sections seventy-four to eighty-four, inclusive, shall have the following meanings:

''Vocational rehabilitation services'', any goods and services necessary to render a handicapped individual employable including, but not limited to the following:

(1) diagnostic and related services, including transportation, necessary to determine eligibility for services and the nature and scope of the services to be provided;

(2) counseling, guidance and referral services;

(3) placement services;

(4) physical and mental restoration services;

(5) vocational and other training services, including personal and vocational adjustment, books, tools and other materials;

(6) maintenance;

(7) transportation;

(8) services to members of the handicapped individual's family when such services are necessary to the adjustment or rehabilitation of the handicapped individual;

(9) interpreter services for the deaf;

(10) reader services, rehabilitation teaching services, and orientation and mobility services for the visually impaired;

(11) telecommunications, sensory and other technological aids and devices;

(12) recruitment and training services to handicapped individuals to provide them with new employment opportunities in the field of rehabilitation, health, welfare, public safety and law enforcement and other appropriate public service employment;

(13) post-employment services necessary to assist handicapped individuals to maintain suitable employment;

(14) occupational licenses, tools, equipment and initial stocks and supplies; and

(15) such other goods and services which can reasonably be expected to benefit a handicapped individual in terms of his employability.

''Rehabilitation facility'', a facility which is operated for the primary purpose of providing vocational rehabilitation services to handicapped individuals; provided, that all medical and related health services must be prescribed by, or under the formal supervision of, persons licensed to prescribe or supervise the provision of such services.

''Workshop'', a rehabilitation facility, or that part of a rehabilitation facility, engaged in a production or service operation and which is operated for the primary purpose of providing gainful employment or professional services to the handicapped as an interim step in the rehabilitation process for those who cannot be readily absorbed in the competitive labor market or during such time as employment opportunities for them in the competitive labor market do not exist.

''Handicapped person'', an individual who has a physical or mental disability which for such individual constitutes or results in a substantial handicap to employment and can reasonably be expected to benefit in terms of employability from vocational rehabilitation services or an individual whose ability to function independently in his family or community may be improved significantly by the provision of independent living rehabilitation services.

''Independent living rehabilitation services'', any vocational rehabilitation service and any other service that will enhance the ability of a handicapped individual to live independently and function within his family and community and, if appropriate, secure and maintain appropriate employment.