General Laws

[Text of section effective until June 30, 2013. Repealed by 2012, 239, Sec. 4A. See 2012, 239, Sec. 61.]

Section 16H. (a) There shall be a Housing and Economic Development Trust to be administered by the secretary of housing and economic development. Monies in the trust shall be deposited with the state treasurer in a manner that will secure the highest interest rate available consistent with the safety of the trust and with the requirement that all amounts on deposit be available for immediate use.

(b) The secretary shall appoint the fund’s trustee, who shall serve until a successor is appointed.

(c) There shall be credited to the trust:

(1) grants, bequests, gifts or contributions of cash or securities, or contributions of services or property in kind from any persons or other governmental, nongovernmental, quasi-governmental or local governmental entities made for the purpose of supporting the executive office of housing and economic development as set forth in subsection (d); and

(2) all interest earned on monies in the trust.

(d) Expenditures from the trust shall not be subject to appropriation and balances remaining at the end of a fiscal year shall not revert to the General Fund. Expenditures from the trust shall be made only for the following purposes:

(1) operating costs of the executive office of housing and community development, including the divisions and programs within the executive office;

(2) operating costs of the Massachusetts marketing partnership and the offices within the partnership, including the Massachusetts international trade office, the commonwealth marketing office, the office of travel and tourism, the Massachusetts film office and the Massachusetts sports partnership; and the Massachusetts office of business development, including the divisions and programs within that office; and

(3) costs associated with housing and economic development programs, grants and initiatives of the secretary.

(e) Funds deposited and expended from the trust shall not be assessed any indirect costs.

(f) For the purpose of accommodating timing discrepancies between the trust’s receipt of revenues and related expenditures, the trust may incur expenses and the comptroller may certify payments from the trust in anticipation of trust receipts based on estimated receipts as certified by the trustee. The trustee shall insure that no expenditures from the trust shall cause the trust to be in deficiency at the close of a fiscal year.