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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 18C: Public safety answering points; transmittal and process of requests; requests from outside jurisdiction

Section 18C. (a) Each PSAP shall be capable of transmitting a request for law enforcement, fire fighting, medical, ambulance or other emergency services to a public or private safety department that provides the requested services.

(b) Each primary and regional PSAP shall be equipped with a system approved by the department for the processing of requests for emergency services from people with disabilities.

(c) Except as approved by the department, no person shall permit an automatic alarm or other alerting device to dial the numbers 911 automatically or provide a prerecorded message in order to access emergency services directly.

(d) A public safety department or private safety department that receives a request for emergency service outside of its jurisdiction shall promptly forward the request to the PSAP or public safety department responsible for that geographical area. Any emergency unit dispatched to a location outside its jurisdiction in the commonwealth in response to such request shall render service to the requesting party until relieved by the public safety department responsible for that geographical area.

(e) Municipalities may enter into written cooperative agreements to carry out subsections (a), (b) and (d).