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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 18O: Regional 911 emergency communication district; planning committee

Section 18O. (a) As used in sections 18O to 18V, inclusive, the term ''regional 911 emergency communication center'' shall mean a facility housing or otherwise supporting a regional emergency communication center or a regional PSAP, as those terms are defined in section 18A, if the regional 911 emergency communication center is approved by the state 911 department.

(b) Two or more municipalities, by approval of the chief executive officer of a city or by vote of a board of selectmen or town council, may create a regional 911 emergency communication district planning committee, hereinafter called the district planning committee, consisting of 3 unpaid persons to be appointed by the mayor in each participating city and by the chairman of the board of selectmen or town council in each participating town.

(c) The district planning committee shall study the feasibility of establishing and constructing a regional 911 emergency communication district and propose the district's organization, governance structure, operation, location, estimate of construction or siting and operating costs, maintenance and methods of financing. Each municipality comprising the district planning committee may appropriate sums to compensate the committee's expenses. The district planning committee may expend any sums so appropriated and may employ any expert assistance as it considers necessary to carry out sections 18O to 18V, inclusive. The district planning committee may apply for, accept and expend, without appropriation, grants or gifts of funds from the federal government, the commonwealth or any other source.