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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 18P: Regional 911 emergency communication district; proposals to establish centers; purposes; contents; reports

Section 18P. (a) If the regional 911 emergency communication district planning committee recommends the establishment of a regional 911 emergency communication district, it shall propose a written district agreement to establish, construct or site, equip, administer, operate and maintain a regional 911 emergency communication center.

(b) The proposed district agreement shall include, but not be limited to, terms and conditions to achieve the following purposes:

(1) providing the district's conditions of membership and financial terms;

(2) identifying construction or siting and operating costs of the center;

(3) establishing a regional 911 emergency communication district board to oversee the construction or siting, administration, operation and finance of the center and provide the board with the powers, duties and liabilities of a regional 911 emergency communication district, which powers shall be vested in and exercised by the district board established under the agreement;

(4) establishing any subcommittees necessary for the administration of the center;

(5) preparing and adopting an annual operating budget;

(6) establishing a procedure to invite and include additional municipalities into the district;

(7) determining a process to amend the district agreement;

(8) identifying the terms and procedure by which a municipality may withdraw from the district; and

(9) including any additional provisions the district planning committee considers necessary for the administration and operation of the center.

(c) A proposed district agreement shall provide, but need not be limited to, the following provisions:

(1) the number, selection process and length of terms of office of the district board members;

(2) selection of a chair by ballot from the district board's membership;

(3) appointment by the district board of a district secretary and treasurer, who may be the same person, and the designation, if any, of 1 or more of its members to approve payrolls or bills for salary or compensation of district board members or employees; provided, however, that the members approving such payroll or bill shall make available to the board at its next meeting the record of that action;

(4) powers and duties of the treasurer, including the power to receive and take charge of all money belonging to the district; provided, however, that the treasurer shall pay any bill of the district which shall have been approved by the district board; provided, further, that the treasurer shall be subject to sections 35, 52 and 109A of chapter 41;

(5) compensation of the treasurer for services rendered in the course of duty as may be granted by vote of the district planning committee; and

(6) approval of fiscal matters as described in subsections (g) and (h) of section 18R by a finance advisory subcommittee, including approval of an annual operating budget as described in subsection (e); provided, however, that the finance advisory subcommittee shall consist of the chief executive officer or chief executive financial officer of member cities, as designated by each city's chief executive officer, and the town administrator, town manager or chief financial officer for member towns, as designated by each town's chief executive officer and that no member of the finance advisory subcommittee shall also serve on any other board or subcommittee established under this section.

(d) The district planning committee shall forward a report of its findings, recommendations and proposed district agreement, if any, to the city council and the board of selectmen or town council of the committee's participating municipalities and to the state 911 department.

(e) Nothing in sections 18O to 18V, inclusive, shall prohibit any governmental body from participating in studying, establishing, administering or serving as a full or ex-officio member of a regional 911 emergency communication district planning committee or a regional 911 emergency communication district, its board or any subcommittees thereof.